Kids aren’t the only ones with wandering minds, ADD can chase you into adulthood, too.

Journalists traffic in facts — useful facts, obscure facts, cool facts, dumb facts. They like showing off how many facts they know, preferably over a beer, if you’re buying. You’ve seen the type. They know something about everything. They really do. That’s the kind of creature they are.

What is the deal, then, with Liz Reisman? The facts she doesn’t know! She probably can’t point to Turkey on a map of the world. She can’t tell you who wrote The Da Vinci Code, even if she read it. She can’t tell you who sings her favorite song on the radio. Trivial Pursuit? If you can coax her into a game, play for money.

She calls these things she doesn’t know “the holes in the Swiss cheese.” A lot of people have much bigger holes in their Swiss cheese than Liz does. Some of them go to bad schools, or grow up in bad homes or are just plain dumb. Some lack curiosity. Liz is nothing like that. Inquisitive, personable and exceptionally bright, she somehow just can’t plug up those holes.

Well, the holes are just the beginning. “Sitting in a bar is a disaster for me,” she says. “The noise and the stimulation — I can’t be in that atmosphere. My idea of death torture is being in a dark room with loud music playing and strobe lights going off.”

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