Katherine Heigl

It’s a familiar story: Kid grows up in small town. Since town isn’t chockablock with amusement parks and malls, kid finds town less than exciting. Kid grows up, moves far away, and then many years later realizes town had elements to it she now adores.

What’s different about this story is that the kid now comes onto your television screen every Sunday night at 10 p.m. via the hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy, and what she most wished she appreciated about the small town — New Canaan — back then was … antiques?

“When I grew up there,” recalls Katherine Heigl, the twenty-six-year-old actress who is one of the stars of the ensemble drama, “I was so not into antiques at all, and there are like six really amazing antiques stores that I don’t think I’ve ever been in. And I’m like, ‘How could I have never even gone in these stores and looked?’ Because now I’m completely obsessed with antiques. If only I’d just browsed!”

If antiques slipped under her childhood radar, maybe it was because, beginning with her years at Saxe Middle School, she spent more time in front of cameras than cruising Elm Street. Starting in the twelve years Katherine and her family lived in New Canaan, and particularly in the decade since, she has carved out a career noteworthy for its breadth and its activity.

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