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Leaps and Boundless

Although figure skaters make it look easy, the unfortunate truth for most human beings is that the odds of nailing a perfect triple axel outweigh those of sharing some sky with a bald eagle. But sixteen-year-old Staples High School junior Daniel Innamorati spends a good part of each day propelling his body, heart and soul into the air, rotating perfectly and nailing the landing on sheer ice.

“The Olympics would be amazing,” he says of his long-term goals. “I mean, everyone wants to skate in the Olympics.” Perhaps most young skaters dream of competing, but what distinguishes this phenom from most other skating enthusiasts is the real possibility that he will.

The 2006 Winter Olympics might seem only a single axel away, but Daniel feels his strengths and talents would be better served by waiting until he is a little older and stronger to participate in them. “Besides,” he says, “the 2006 team is already pretty much all set, and this way, I’ve got the future to think about.”

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