What’s That Sound

It was a particularly good Friday night at The Boxcar and the air was filled with semi-lascivious delight. The dance floor shook with that curious mix of people you get at certain clubs: effervescent grad students from Fairfield University, graying sugar daddies in Hawaiian shirts, and women who just wanted to dance. The club scene is rocking all over our district these days, and there seems to be no shortage of good citizens looking for life on a Friday night — and a dance floor will do it.

The bouncy woman on stage with the pink Stratocaster was leading the call. It was Debbie Davies, who herself embodies the crazy blend of influences that make up our jivey, anywhere-anytime pop culture. Dressed in a sort of garage band–country/western style, she’s a California girl who spent years on the road with the great Chicago blues acts like Albert Collins, and now she’s settled in Stratford when not pounding out her vibrant brand of jump blues around the country — or right here. She played for hours, and neither the dancers nor her band flagged for a microsecond.

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