Decorating Fabulous Children’s Rooms


ure, there are the diapers, the crying spells, the tons of laundry. There’s also the moment when a baby looks up from her nap and smiles from ear to ear. And who can repress the urge to cuddle the five-year-old boy who is battling a plastic tyrannosaurus against a green, bug-eyed space alien?

Ah, the days of childhood … and oh, the joys of parenting. And where does so much of living happen but at home, in a child’s own room — a place he can call his own. It is a piece of the world, carved out and designed just for him, where his young imagination can run freely, where love, security and fun rise with the sun and sleep with the moon. Seeing home in a new light, parents have made nurturing rooms for their children a priority.

When longtime Westporters Maris and Bob Charney moved into their new house, Maris knew she wanted to create special bedrooms for her daughters, four-year-old Phoebe and two-year-old Olivia. Maris called on her own design skills and imagination for both rooms and used a simple approach: “I get a vision,” she says, “then I shop around.”

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