King of the Courtroom

Joe Tacopina is the hottest young criminal defense lawyer in New York. How did he get there? By winning cases people said he’d never win.

When I get into the well of a courtroom, I smell blood a mile away. And I will bring you right there. And I will do it slowly and methodically. And I will make sure the jury sees your innards coming out of you.”

This is criminal defense lawyer Joe Tacopina talking about cross-examining witnesses. He is sitting on the patio behind his handsome new clapboard house in Westport — yes, he is your neighbor. He is a striking man of thirty-six with a straight chiseled nose and thick brown hair combed back off his face. “This is not a God complex, believe me,” he continues. “Some people go to Las Vegas and gamble. I’m up there taking a shot with a witness. I have some guy’s life literally in my hands. This is the scary part, but it’s also the part I sort of get off on.”

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