Rooted in Connecticut…Rustic Gardens

A lush canopy of giant green trees. Wooded forests with boulders covered in emerald moss. Translucent ferns popping their heads through moist black soil. And contoured hillsides overflowing with native shrubs, ivies and granite.

These were the things I often daydreamed about while living and gardening in arid Salt Lake City for twelve years. In 1993, upon moving back to my native New England, the chance to create the garden paradise I had been longing for became a reality. My new home in Westport was situated on a one-acre open canvas waiting to become a Monet.

It offered all the elements I had missed so much in the West: water, rocks, hilly terrain and lush green foliage. As a garden designer and nature photographer, I imagined a scene exploding with vibrant colors and textures.

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