Shays vs. Farrell

Bill Meyer can talk for hours about how much he loves Diane Farrell. Since Farrell took over as Westport’s first selectwoman seven years ago, Meyer says town government is more efficient, schools are a higher priority and a local senior center is in place thanks largely to her efforts.

Philosophically, Meyer has more to love; such as Farrell’s support for a woman’s right to choose abortion (“I’m old enough to remember the coat hanger days,” he asserts). Like her, he questions the reasoning behind the war in Iraq and the continuance of controversial federal tax cuts. So zealous was Meyer for Farrell that he broke ranks with his party in 2003 to cochair “Republicans for Farrell.”

Now Farrell is running for Congress, to help Democrats reclaim the national agenda and sweep George W. Bush and his conservative cohorts from office. Will Meyer be supporting her this November?

“I am very torn,” Meyer says. “I cried when I went to Diane’s office [to discuss her candidacy]. I told her I’ve got to stay with Chris. I have an emotional attachment to both of them. It bothers me greatly.

“I told her not to run. She doesn’t have a chance … Chris has seniority, so I’ll vote for Chris, but I like Diane. I love her. I love Chris.”

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