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Everyone knows the yarns fishing enthusiasts tell lamenting the big one that got away. Well, I’ve found that golfers are just as quick to tell their tales, usually about that one critical shot that either won or lost a particularly special match.

As we were planning the golf articles for this issue, I found myself telling anyone who would listen about my best drive ever. It was memorable, not because it put me in a league with Anika Sorenson, but because I overcame my typical first-hole jitters and actually hit a shot when it really mattered.

Now you must be curious, so here goes. Several years ago a friend invited me to join her at a fundraising event on the South Side of Chicago. What she neglected to say was that nearly all the other players in this tournament were union guys from a nearby factory, all of whom were looking forward to having an afternoon off to hang out with their buddies. In fact, upon arrival I quickly noticed that among the fairly large crowd that had gathered, we were two of maybe five women.

It goes without saying that I was a nervous wreck. Of course, most women tend to get a bit tense when it comes to playing golf with men they don’t know. I’m not sure why. Maybe it harkens back to those days when women weren’t exactly welcome on golf courses (think Augusta National). At any rate, here we were, waiting to approach the first tee. And our male partners were being teased about having to spend the day playing with two women.

Finally the starter called our group. I told myself that if ever I needed to stop my legs from shaking and have a good drive, this was it. I’m sure you know what happened next (after all I wouldn’t be telling this story if it didn’t have a happy ending). For once the nagging voice of doubt in my head was silenced. I swung at the ball. Honestly, I have never hit a longer or straighter tee shot. My friend followed with an equally good start. In fact, our drives were longer than the guys’.

No, I’m not a great golfer and I didn’t have a storybook round. Suffice it to say that on that day I played well enough. Thinking about it still makes me smile and say, “Right on!”

This month you’ll read about some other special golfing memories in Stephen Sawicki’s article about local club champions. For avid golfers itching to try a different course, Don Wade offers some suggestions for great resorts located right here in New England.

But beautiful landscape is not limited to rolling fairways and close-cut greens. Some of our neighbors have developed breathtaking settings right in their own backyards. Christopher Brooks talked with two who have created water gardens complete with exotic plants and lots of critters, including the elegant koi.

Of course, you won’t want to miss Carol Leonetti Dannhauser’s in-depth interview with Hollywood legend Ron Howard and his family.

So sit back and enjoy. And if you want to share your own special tale, don’t hesitate
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