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Play Ball!

I have been a baseball fan as far back as I can remember. No, I don’t know a lot of statistics and I’m selective when it comes to watching games on TV.

But I truly enjoy going to the ballpark. I could watch almost any teams compete when the game is live in front of me. I like the sound of the hawkers selling hot dogs and beer and the fans cheering or lamenting the action on the field. I actually learned the ins and outs of various strategies when, in one of my past lives, I covered high school baseball for a local newspaper.

Years ago when I lived in Chicago, I knew the entire White Sox lineup and I was an enthusiastic supporter of that team’s then-coach Tony LaRussa. In fact, the main thing wrong with baseball as it’s now played (in my opinion) is that the teams’ rosters don’t stay the same long enough to memorize who plays where.

One position where longevity has not been a problem is that of the Yankees general manager. Somehow Brian Cashman of Darien has managed to survive nine years in one of the toughest jobs in the major leagues. On one hand, there are the expectations of New York fans, known to be the most demanding in the sport. Then there is “the Boss” (aka George Steinbrenner), a man not known for his easygoing style. How has Cashman coped with these and other pressures and managed to keep his cool? Find out in Bill Slocum’s intriguing and revealing story “Loading the Bases.”

Baseball is only one of my interests that found its way into this issue. This past winter I joined the throngs who have discovered the fun of ballroom dancing.

I think it was during my high school and college years — precisely the point when I was doing most of my social dancing — that traditional dancing with partners fell out of vogue. But it’s certainly back now, as witnessed by the popularity of movies like Mad Hot Ballroom and even last summer’s blockbuster TV hit Dancing with the Stars. Locally the number of places you can go to dance is increasing, despite the closing of the Terrace Club in Stamford, and I was gratified to learn that you really are never too old to get back in the swing (so to speak). For more on ballroom lessons and places to kick up your heels, check out “Shall You Dance?” by Suzanne Gerber.

Of course, people have always danced at weddings, and summer is the biggest season for these happy events. If you or one of your friends or relatives is getting married, don’t be shy about contacting our weddings editor, Margaret Hart, at The only real requirements are that the bride, groom or their parents have a connection to New Canaan, Darien or Rowayton and that this is a first marriage. Margaret will guide you through our very easy process, and there is no cost involved. Our Weddings department is one of the best-read sections of the magazine. Not only do people love looking at bridal couples, they also like seeing pictures of family members and local guests. It’s another way our magazine helps foster a feeling of community in our towns.

Finally, I hope you’re planning to attend our Best of the Gold Coast party on August 9 at the Hyatt in Greenwich. For more details go to See you there!

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