Trailfinder guide to little-known treks

Take a Hike

Imagine a place where you can get away from everyone. A secluded oasis of tranquility and peace, far from cellphones and car horns, in which the only noises you hear are the chirping of crickets and twittering of birds. Sound good? Then stop imagining and take a hike. Literally.

There’s no need to pack up and head to Idaho, though, for a secluded stroll in the woods. Not while there are so many parks and preserves in our area that remain under-visited and overlooked. We’re not referring to such classic retreats as the moss-packed trails of Mianus River Gorge, Devil’s Den and its magnificent Great Ledge vistas, or Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, with its many streams and miles of forest-ways. They have become so popular that hiking there is more often a social event than the solitary dip into nature. What’s needed on those occasions when you feel the need to leave the trappings of modern life behind — if only momentarily — are little-known gems and forgotten icons like the handful listed in our story.

Note: For the complete story and maps to all the great trails, please see the September issue of Westport Magazine.

The trails discussed include Sleeping Giant State Park, Westchester Wilderness Walk, Trout Brrok Valley Conservation Walk and Weir Farm National Historic Site.

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