Editor’s Letter – Spoiler Alert

When the editors first talked about pulling together a luxury issue, some staffers wrinkled their noses: Isn’t that just a little … much? If what they meant was “showy,” then, yes, luxury sometimes can be too much. I, however, like to think of it as sugar: if you don’t overdo it, life’s simply sweeter.

So, in this issue, luxury is about appreciating the finely made, the unique, the stylish or otherwise precious possessions in life, be it a motorcycle designed as the CEO’s dream bike,  the crisp line of a well-made suit, or a watch box designed by an Italian watch collector. In the details of materials and construction, produced by a true professional, these items become art.

I know, for instance, that I will never live in a house like the one we feature on our cover. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good, long look at every detail there. It gives me a moment to think what fun the architect had designing this home; what a treat for the builders who have the know-how to execute the project to such exacting standards; what a pure pleasure for the homeowners every time they cross the threshold.

Of course, it makes one wonder about who lives there, what their day-to-day might be like. Before a social event, she opens her closet filled with beautiful gowns and designer shoes. He heads to the garage, deciding along the way which sleek, shiny car to take. It leaves one wondering, What would it be like if I had it all?

And, sometimes, that can be fun escapism. So we trotted off down that road in this issue. Writer Tom Connor offers a story on luxury items for men: everything from a $440,000 collector’s timepiece to the latest Porsche to shirts custom-made using the finest materials. He found that after the first taste of luxury living, there is an appetite for more.

Then writer Christy Colasurdo thought about keeping a youthful look despite the hands of time ticking. Not everyone is ready for, or even wants, plastic surgery. There are plenty of options for caring for our skin without having to go under the knife. She explores the alternatives and relates expect advice from professionals.

And since we hear so much about luxury these days, we also talked to Marie Bodman, president of Breitling USA, who has masterfully guided the watch brand into competitive positioning against the powerhouses in the industry. If anyone knows what makes luxury tick (sorry), it’s her.

If all this talk about high-end stuff gets to be a little too much, may I suggest, then, our story about the ever-evolving, but always tasteful, martini?

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