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1 What’s hot in bathroom remodeling? The blending of contemporary design into even the most traditional of homes is very hot right now. But what’s hot is not necessarily a trend. It’s about having sleek lines without compromising the grandeur of classic styles. This can be achieved, for example, by using larger rectified or “machine edge” tiles that can then be virtually seamless with minimal grout lines. This gives even a small space such as a bathroom an entirely open feeling.

One of the company’s flagship, top-selling tiles is the collection shown on the walls and floor in this bathroom, creating a sense of understated drama. The wall tile is Ruggine; the floor tile is Ferroker.

2 What’s not? What makes a bath look dated? A dated bathroom could contain anything from old tiles with wide, dingy grout lines to big doses of colors that don’t translate well over time. There’s a reason why updating bathrooms and kitchens has such a draw to homeowners. It is always good to ask yourself if what you are selecting now will be something you’ll want to live with for years to come. Will the look be easy to maintain? Easy to clean? Will somebody else see it’s full potential if you sell the home?

3 What’s the most important step in planning a new bathroom? A good plan is essential. First, take the time to select products and check their availability. These fundamentals can be the key to avoiding a scramble at the end of a project or getting results you didn’t intend. Always consult with field professionals who can bring things to light issues you may not have considered. Nothing’s worse than having a torn-out bathroom and discovering that the products you’d planned to use are not available.

4 What’s the smartest place to splurge? You want to create inviting spaces, rooms that may have pops of detail or visual focal points. A larger soaking or jetted tub lends a feeling of luxury, as does a shower with body jets. Porcelanosa has shower columns with the jets built in so homeowners don’t have to redo plumbing in order to have the luxury of a jetted shower. With the economy in its state of recovery, more people are spending more time close to home. Luxury products in your home could virtually pay for themselves if you truly enjoy the space surrounding you.

5 Where can people save a bit? Shopping incentives are being offered everywhere right now, especially in home improvement. Look at the overall scope of the project and know that you might not be aware of discounts or incentives unless you ask. Know what it is you’re purchasing. Are you buying a lot from one source?

6 What’s your most popular tub? And your most luxurious? Our fabulous line of bathtubs is called System-Pool. As far as the most popular, I’m inclined to suggest our “Minimal” line, which comes in eight sizes, including various widths with jetted and non-jetted options. The most luxurious is an even tougher question, but I have a few favorites. The Illa tub is made with all Krion product, and is a sight to behold with its clean lines and inviting personality. The Taus is another popular tub with a Krion outer shell supported by a Wenge structure with stainless steel accents and towel bar. Stop by our showroom or check them out at

7 Porcelanosa is a green company. Any advice on how homeowners can be more green? Going green and staying green takes a conscious effort but can become increasingly more subconscious with a few simple habit changes. When building or remodeling, look locally for recycling efforts. Most towns have resources to take on unwanted goods and even haul them away. For products going into your home, consider those with few or no emissions, such as recycled materials or all-natural items.

8 Which improvements in a bathroom really pay off when selling a home? A bathroom is one of the rooms that can make or break the sale. It needs to be well thought out in terms of space and design. Avoid putting too many different patterns in a small space. Consider shower doors with simple, clean designs, maybe clear or slightly detailed sliding glass doors. Faucets and fixtures that shine add sparkle and draw the eye in. Lastly, consider the overall look. Would the space appeal to even the pickiest potential homeowner?

9 Woodtec tiles are some of the coolest we’ve seen. How do they capture the look of wood so well? Porcelanosa has a patent on our glazing process. Most tile manufactures use a repeat screening process to apply the glaze to the tile before firing. We have a roller process specially developed as a random “stamping” process. The look and feel of the tile is so real in comparison to natural wood, it fits right in with other unique products we carry, such as wall paper finishes, glass, metal and the looks of natural stones (without all the maintenance). We also carry a line of natural products, including wood flooring, stacked stones, marble, and metal mosaics.

The Woodtec line looks exactly like the real thing, but it’s actually a ceramic tile that’s available in an array of styles and colors. Shown here: Tavola in Grigio and in Rovera.

10 Of course, Porcelanosa isn’t just bathrooms. Tell us a bit about your collections and services for other rooms. Tile has been the backbone of Porcelanosa since the ‘70’s. We were one of the first companies to break out of the mold, seeing infinite possibilities beyond the 12” square tiles. We headed into development of tile “collections,” new and different accent pieces, and of course various sizes beyond what was previously done. Porcelanosa went on to develop factories supplying everything from kitchen cabinetry, bathroom cabinetry, faucets, accessories, tub and/or shower enclosures, even our own line of grout. Our showrooms in the area, like the one in Riverside, give designers, builders, architects, and homeowners a chance to see the difference of one-stop, high-end shopping, without feeling sticker shock.

1063 E. Putnam Avenue, Riverside, CT 06878

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