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One Dress or Two

High-profile 2010 brides like Chelsea Clinton and Carrie Underwood celebrated their nuptials in two dresses; one for the ceremony, another for the reception. Bridal ateliers are seeing more fashion-forward real-world brides adopt the two-look practice.

Alison Fischer, owner of the Plumed Serpent in Westport, suggests saying “I do” to the trend, if the wedding dress is formal and the reception dress is whimsical. “If one is going to do two dresses, they have to be very different looks.” Try fun, flirty options for dancing, she adds. “There are very few times in one’s life that you get to be the star and a wedding is one of them,” Fischer says. “Why not live it up and make the most of it?” The two dress trend is a reminder that you can always and should always have fun!”

The downside, of course, is that a busy bride who opts for two looks will spend some of her precious reception time changing. Consider the length of your reception, time for photos and greeting guests when deciding if you want your special dress to remain a single or be part of a couple.

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