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It must be a red-hot love affair with fashion. Has anyone else noticed all the new, stylish stores in downtown Westport? For him, for her—shoppers have their hands full of options in imported jeans, statement-making dresses, edgy jewelry, and handsome shoes. With Allen Redmonds, AKRAM, Chic, Intermix, Urban Outfitters, and others, there are choices galore from across America and Europe and for all ages. Add in Calypso, Lucy’s, Henry Lehr, Soleil Toile, and all the other “musts” with hot new selections and it’s clear that downtown is a fashion destination. Check out tried-and-true home shops like Fig, Bungalow, and Dovecote, along with the White Birch and Terrain just a bit up the street, too. Then refuel at one of the area restaurants working hard to make the most of the town’s natural beauty. Shopping hunters can plan one very satisfying day.

The timing is perfect, too. We’re all about to notice that the high social season is upon us. Here are the clues: The kids are back in school, and the calendar is filling up with soirées and galas right through the holidays. What to wear? How to spruce up the house for guests or just the change of seasons? Where to meet up with friends?

The runway, with its bright lights, hypnotic music, beautiful people, and amazing fashions, is deeply influential and will affect what we see in our closets this fall. You might find yourself looking at a dazzling shoe and asking yourself, Can I wear that? You bet you can! The dramatic looks strutting down the runway translate to the real world. Just ask our cover model, Mackenzie Pretty (yes, that’s actually this beautiful woman’s name). We saw lots of edgy yet luxurious leather from Donna Karan and Michael Kors, but it was this J. Mendel shift that best-suited this hard-working, workout clothes–loving, Modern Family–watching wife and mom of three.

There’s reason to enjoy the attention. Big retailers and mom-and-pops have noticed that we’re a well-heeled, well-dressed area, and they’re willing to invest here. These stores bring in shoppers, who eat in the restaurants and stay for our shows. Hopefully, they even pick up the town magazine!

Change keeps us vibrant. Plus, shape-hugging leather dresses remind us why we get up for that 7 a.m. spinning class.

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