Model For A Day: Mackenzie Pretty

Yes, genetics have been kind to Westport's cover model, Mackenzie Pretty. But this blonde head-turner also sweats it out to stay in shape—among other things, Mackenzie is a cycling instructor at JoyRide Cycling Studio. She was a great sport for our fall fashion feature. We had her modeling a fur-trimmed leather jacket under the hot studio lights in the middle of summer. She told us it was nothing compared to her cycling classes! Here's one class act who knows how to keep her cool:

Her thoughts on her makeover: “I love, love, loved it. The leather jacket was my favorite piece of the shoot; this fall I will be on a mission to find one (P.S. Tell my husband, Tom!). My makeup for both of the looks was flawless. I kept asking Coco how to do everything she did so I can try and recreate! I wish I could have Livio and Coco with me every day to do my hair and makeup!”

Behind the scenes: “It was a chance to step out of real life for a day and get to play dress up! I was certainly impressed with how much behind-the-scenes work goes into a fashion shoot. First, I tried on all the clothes, then I sat in the chair for almost two hours getting my hair and makeup done. Then, I got dressed in the final looks the stylist chose, and finally it was time to start modeling. I was so nervous! The photographer kept telling me to look relaxed (which I was anything but!). Plus, it was wicked hot under all those lights, especially in a fur lined leather jacket! I have a new respect for models!”

A day in the life: “I have three beautiful children who keep me very busy! It's breakfast, bus, preschool drop-off and then off to JoyRide or Crunch to teach a class and train clients. Then I pick the kids up from school, manage playdates and activities. Once the kids are in bed, I actually get a chance to respond to work emails, prepare for clients and classes for the next day or research new and fun training methods. Or when I get a chance, I take a night off and my husband and I watch Modern Family!”

On being a fitness instructor: I am extremely lucky to be able to work with people who inspire me every day. By being an instructor and trainer, I am surrounded by people who are trying to be better, stronger, and healthier. I am constantly impressed by people's work ethic and how strong they are! At JoyRide, I teach high-interval training classes, which means that everyone in the class works as hard as they possibly can. For some people, it's the first time in their whole lives that they have ever pushed themselves outside their comfort zones. There is something so fulfilling about being surrounded by a group of people all striving to be their personal best.

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