Up close with our stylish summer interns

Let’s Hear it for the Interns

Here at Moffly Media, we love our interns. Whether it was helping out with proofing when our tired eyes needed a break, working events, or any other project we could think of to throw at them, our interns always stepped up to the plate with a smile. As an added bonus, these young ladies sported some of the most fashionable outfits in our office. Now that they’re headed back to school, we’ll miss their hardworking attitudes—and style! Check out which projects our interns worked on, as well as some highlights of their summer style.  

Abbey Rogowski

Rounding out our list of summer interns is Abbey, who worked for our Marketing and Events staff. Hardworking and level-headed, Abbey was a key player in helping our Best Of events run without a hitch. “Overall, the Moffly experience has most definitely been one full of energy, excitement and knowledge. I've learned so much from Laurinda and Caroline and feel lucky to have worked with such dedicated people in order to help create two fantastic events in just a few, short months.”

Samantha Hilton

Over the summer, Samantha worked closely with Laurinda Finelli and Caroline Coursen in Marketing and Events. Samantha couldn’t have been here at a better time. With two of our biggest bashes, Best of the Gold Coast, and Best of Greenwich, Samantha helped keep our ship afloat.  

Amanda Kesten

Amanda also interned in our Marketing and Events department. She hit the ground running her first day on the job, when she helped out at our Women in Business event.  “One of my favorite parts about interning at Moffly Media was the Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut Event,” she says. “Seeing all of our hard work come together to put on such a fabulous event was very rewarding.”

Kate McNee

Kate was indispensible to the Editorial Department this summer. MVP moments were her fun, engaging web pieces, and her work compiling info about our Best Of winners (no small task). “I feel I learned a lot this summer and enjoyed the laid back and friendly work atmosphere at Moffly Media,” Kate says. “I liked that I had the ability to work on many different magazines and with many different people. Attending and working at The Best of the Gold Coast was a particularly rewarding experience, one that made me realize the scope and importance of Moffly Media in the community.”

Ana Rocha

Ana was a constant positive presence for the Editorial team for not one, but two summers. This talented writer penned a number of pieces for both web and print. “This is going to sound cheesy, but my favorite part of working at Moffly were the people. Everyone here is so nice, funny, talented and welcoming, and they really made my two summers here better than I could have imagined!”

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