Get gorgeous with these top tips for perfect brows.

Brows 101: Achieving Great Brows

Eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. When done properly and kept full they give a youthful look and an overall balance to the face. Creating your perfect brow can sometimes be challenging so here are some tips to help you achieve your best shape:

1. Know your skin.

When getting your brows sculpted know which type of hair removal is best for your skin. If you are very sensitive and/or using ANY type of topical vitamin A product (i.e. Retin A, Tazorac, Differin, etc.) waxing is not for you. Tweezing or threading is your best option. For all other skin types I prefer to use wax. It removes all the superfluous hair that tweezers can't grab and leaves a smooth finish.

2. Fill in your brows.

Brow powders and pencils are your arches best friend. Powder gives a more natural look but if you have very sparse brows, a pencil is for you. When selecting a color, if you have dark hair, your brow filler should be one to two shades lighter. If you have light hair it should be one to two shades darker. Try Brow Artiste Brow Powder from Youngblood or Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brow Pencil.

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When filling in your brows think of it as outlining them. Using short strokes, follow the hairline underneath then brush up to fill in. Use the same method and follow the top of your brows to fill in the arch and ends. Filling in the top gives the arch a full and defined look.

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When you've finished, apply a highlighting pencil such as Youngblood Eye-Illuminating Duo or Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener just along the hairline and brow bone. This adds a little lift to your eye. Finish with a brow gel by brushing the hair up and out.

3. Keep your gray brows!

I can't stress the importance of this. Tweezing your grays can leave holes in your brows and cause follicle damage. When the hair follicle is permanently damaged your hair will no longer grow. I know it's torture to see them but you need to keep all the hair you can. So, instead of removing them, try a tinted brow gel such as Rashell Mascagray or Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel or have them professionally colored.

Keep your brows maintained by seeing your brow specialist once a month.

Melissa PerezMelissa Perez, protegee of Anastasia of Beverly Hills, is the go to brow girl at Blow Dry Southport turning perfect brows and youthful eyes into essential accessories. Melissa's areas of expertise are makeup applications, lash and brow tinting, lash application and facial waxing.

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