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How many women have a yen for long, luscious lashes? It’s no coincidence there are a million mascara ads promising longer, fuller lashes for those sexy bedroom eyes. There are mascaras to lengthen, define, separate, curl, thicken, even color your lashes (plum is great for green eyes!). I thought I’d seen it all until Lancome came out with a mascara that oscillates promising to lengthen, separate and multiply all with the press of a button.

Of course, everyone has their favorites; a quick poll resulted in four swearing by Diorshow, three touting They’re Real by Benefit, and three for Maybelline’s Great Lash—that famous pink and green tube. Other favorites mentioned were YSL Faux Effects Cils (my personal fav), Smashbox Full Exposure, Trisha McEvoy High Volume and Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.

Another popular option is getting false lashes, you can apply them yourself or get them done professionally. We talked to Danielle Santagata, a professional makeup artist who works throughout Fairfield County, who shares her tips for do-it-yourselfers.

How do you make them look natural?
The great thing is, there are so many styles of false lashes out in stores right now. With either a full strip or individual lashes it’s so easy to make them look natural. I choose a lash that is similar in thickness, length and color to the persons own natural lash. For example if you are light to medium blonde with light lashes then choose the brown lashes not black.

How long do they last?
False lashes will typically last up to 14 hours or until you remove them at the end of the day.

How long does it take to apply them?
They usually take between 7- 10 mins to apply, the more you practice the faster you will be at it!

How well do they hold up under water; tears, bathing, rain?
False lashes hold well if you tear or cry, the glue is waterproof, as long as you apply them well enough they should hold for up to 14 hours. False lashes are meant to be worn one application at a time, I wouldnt recommend sleeping with them on or trying to keep the same pair on for more than 24 hrs.

Do you still need to apply mascara with false lashes?
I would recommend applying mascara before you apply the lashes. I like to apply another coat after the lashes are on—it blends them with your own, but its completely up to you!

What is your favorite brand of lashes and glue?
My favorite brand of lashes are Ardell they can be found at any pharmacy. My personal favorites are the Ardell individual lashes, brown and black in short length. Full strip #110’s and #121’s for a natural or bridal look, and for a more dramatic look demi wispies or #81’s. Sometimes I layer two lashes on top of one another. My favorite glue is DUO dark or clear lash glue.

Any tips for applying lashes?

  • The best way to apply lashes is to put on your eye makeup curl your lashes and add one or two coats of mascara.
  • Then take the lash from the package and with out applying the glue “try them on” so you can see the length from end to end. If they are too long horizontally for your eye, they will need to be trimmed. Aways trim the lash at the end not the beginning of the lash. If the end of the lash is continuing past your own lash line or dragging your eye down then they are too long. Clip just 1-2 lashes in to shorten them.
  • Applying a strip can be a little tricky the best way to do it is looking into a mirror that is angled slightly up on a table so that your looking down while applying them or tilt your head back when looking straight into a mirror, so that your eye lid is low and relaxed. The same thing goes for individuals but these are easier because you just take a pair of tweezers grab a lash, dip the end in lash glue wait a few seconds then place them right on your own lashes.
  • When applying glue to the full strip false lashes make sure to put some glue on the actual lashes on the inner and outer corners. Let the glue set for at least 1 minute — you want to glue to be tacky so that when you apply them they will not slide around on your eyelid.
  • The lashes should be as close to your own as possible with the band of the falsies just touching the root of your own lash and the skin of eyelid. You don’t want them too far down on your own lashes, this will bring your own lashes down.

If you choose to have them done professionally Danielle makes house calls for full makeup application as well. For more information visit her website


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