What if all the best moments of your wedding could fit into a 10 minute movie?

Modern Wedding Videos

Be honest — have you ever watched your parents full-length wedding video?

I haven’t, and I don’t know if my parents have watched their own video either.

Gone are the days of drawn-out, boring wedding tapes. Fairytale Studios, a local videography company, is producing some of the most creative wedding cinematography out there. They create short videos that have the look and feel of a movie trailer. They also design a personalized “movie poster” image to accompany the film, complete with a unique movie title that captures the essence of your relationship and your wedding day.

But what really sets Fairytale Studios apart is their ability to capture the most emotional and moving moments (when the father sees the bride, the toasts, and those embarrassing dance moves) in less than ten minutes.

David Ruzicka is the founder of Fairytale Studios. He gives us the inside info on wedding videography that you will actually want to watch for years to come.

What were you doing before you got into wedding videography?

My background is in Design and Communication Arts. I have been either studying art or have worked as an artist for last 13 years. About 5 years ago, I finally found my calling to be a filmmaker. I absolutely love it. I am so curious where this passion will bring me to.

Tell me about the company, Fairytale Studios.

I started the company in Connecticut, but now I focus on Manhattan, although I do a lot of work in Fairfield County. I take inspiration from film and commercials. I want to bring creativity to wedding videography. The posters are cinematic, something you want to watch.

How did you get into filming weddings?

I saw what was out there and I didn’t think it was anything creative. So much more could be done. I wanted to test the limits and see how far I could go. I want people to see these films and say “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this!”

Why did you choose the name, Fairytale Studio?

I wanted something memorable and brides love Disney movies. They want their wedding to have that Cinderella, fairy-tale feel.

What’s the best weather for filming?

Heavy rain is the worst, but the best weather is actually a mix of clouds and sun. The best lighting is definitely the last hour of sun.

Many brides may feel like a videographer is too intrusive or may get in the way, how do you capture those scenes but also remain a fly-on-the wall?

Many brides may be a little wary of having someone video them getting ready, but this is the most important thing. I try to be unobtrusive and not in anyones face. We want you to not have to think of us on your day.

Who chooses the music for the film?

There are times I spend days looking just for a perfect song. The sound is an art on it's own. A great wedding videographer is so much more than knowing how to point a camera, audio is a huge part of the final product. I hope clients who come to our site hear the difference from anyone else. We actually believe the audio is even more important than the visual.

It all starts with recording of the vows and  toast as clear as we can get it. If we don't get this step right, no matter what we do in post production, it won't sound good. Then in the edit we are building the story around the spoken word (vows and toasts), as we believe that's the cornerstone of the film. We believe, nothing else is more important on the wedding day than your vows and the heartfelt words you hear from your parents, siblings, friends and the closest and dearest to you.

What are your recommendations for the couple to be?

We always ask for the bride to put on her dress and makeup close to a window because of the lighting.

What features really pop in the film?

I would have to say an amazing toast can bring a film to another level. Custom vows and being genuine.

What are your recommendations for the couple to be?

My biggest recommendation for couples is to enjoy their company on their wedding day. In today's age of iPhones and iPads, people experience almost every big moment though a digital device that is capturing the actual real thing. So they are not actually watching it live but through tiny little screens, just as they were watching it on a TV. They are pretty much doing what we were hired for!

They incidentally step in front of the professionals the couple hired to record the event and we might not get the shots because of that. It is happening on almost 100% of the weddings we go to. Many couples do so-called UNPLUGGED weddings, where the guests give up their devices during the event, so they can give the couple the gift of being there for them.

What has been your favorite location to shoot a wedding?

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

How do you choose the theme or title of the film? Do you come up with it or does the couple suggest one?

I pick the title when I am editing and I pick the lines from the film. Usually it is something someone said at the wedding, or it was a big part of the wedding. It is just so much more personal than just names.

Watch a few of their films over on their blog — just make sure you have some tissues handy.

Email wedding@fairytalestudio.com for more info.

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