Bare Down There

With swimsuit season upon us maintenance of the nether region is at the forefront of every woman’s mind. If you are a newbie to Brazilian waxing here are three top-notch Fairfield County salons that will get your hm-hm beach ready. Take solace in knowing that for these three salons privacy, comfort and sanitary practices come first.

Celia B

I think it’s safe to say that Celia B is the master of Brazilian waxing.
a. She is Brazilian – considering that we are talking about Brazilian waxing this seems like a no-brainer
b. She performs over 2000 Brazilians each year
c. Readers voted Celia B for Best Waxing six years in a row

If that’s not enough to convince you, Celia and her skillful technicians are known for being fast and thorough. Afraid of the pain? She’ll offer you numbing cream and a glass of wine. If you still can’t go through with it she won’t judge, instead try her gentler sugaring method. Either way Celia has undoubtedly conquered the art of hair removal. Saúde Brazilian waxing!

181 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich; 203-861-6850

Nancianne’s Skincare Management

Owner Nancianne personally performs all Brazilian waxing so her clients know exactly what to anticipate. With over twenty years experience, Nancianne’s veteran technique and endearing conversations keep devoted clients coming back every month. You’ll be well tended to as she uses two different types of wax to remove the hair along with tea tree creams and witch hazel to soothe skin post-wax.

977-979 Boston Post Road, Darien; 203-202-9701

The Waxing Spot

Run by Brazilian mother/daughter team, Rosemery and Veri, The Waxing Spot is Westport’s go-to for a beautiful bikini line. Rosemery has thirty years experience under her belt with Veri right behind her at eleven years. I’d say they’ve got it down pat. The dynamic duo typically performs up to eighty Brazilians a day and staffs eight licensed technicians at the ready for any bikini area 911s. The Waxing Spot uses a gentler European strip-less wax followed by TendSkin which calms the skin, seals the pores, and prevents ingrown hairs.

420 Post Rd W, Westport; 203-228-5118


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