A Q+A with Peter Cadoux

 What does the new space mean or represent to you?
It’s community all day along. Westport has an artistic history and background; we have a very strong cultural history. This speaks to me, and we are getting back to our roots and celebrating them. All the things that [The Levitt Pavilion] do are central to a community.

What were you trying to accomplish with the new design?
This is a pretty avant-garde design for Westport. The tensile roof structure, again, is all speaking to the theatrics, and {that’s} where the conversation began. The Levitt Pavilion is essentially a peninsula, primarily surrounded by water, so it allows itself the freedom to create a piece of architecture that doesn’t necessarily have to speak to its surrounding neighbors. As a result [The Levitt Pavilion] can speak to the use without conflict.

Can you talk a little bit about the materials used?
All of the exterior building materials are a sign of newer technology. Everything that you think looks like wood or feels like wood is not; it’s all PVC material. Nothing can rot, and these are materials that can last a very very long time. All these choices of materials, everything was kind of reinventing the wheel, right down to our entry canopy and our canopy over the stage.

How do the acoustics factor into the design process?
We have to be thinking about the acoustics of how this outdoor performing arts center will perform. It’s very difficult to control acoustics in an outdoor environment rather than in an indoor environment. That’s always been a bit of the complexity of this Levitt Pavilion from the beginning. New technology will not only give us significantly better acoustics, but a much greater ability to control it.

What was your favorite part about designing the new space?
I would just have to say the opportunity to do it and working with the group of people I worked with. There are many many thank-yous to be had. That’s my favorite part because they were so supportive; giving flexibility, advice, help and support.

How do you hope people will react to the new design?
I’ll let them decide. I think it goes without saying that I hope they enjoy it.

Levitt Pavilion remodel

Levitt Pavilion

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The Levitt Pavilion For The Performing Arts

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