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A great hair day can easily make all of life's little problems fall away so it's no wonder Blow Dry has become a Gold Coast favorite! Offering fast, convenient and affordable blowouts Blow Dry churns out great hair daily. Can't make it to the salon? They'll come to you. You can also get brow waxing and tinting, makeup application, eyelashes and much more.

We took a few minutes to get to know September Sirico, the driving force behind the Southport and Westport based businesses. She's laid-back cool and her tongue-in-cheek answers provide a little peek into September's life and style as dishes on her favorite shops, things to do and sources of inspiration.

How long has each location been open?

Westport: 1 wonderful year
Southport: 2 fabulous years

How many employees do you have between your two locations?


How many hours do you work in a typical week?

There’s 168 hours in a week…so, yeah.

What do you love most about owning blowdry?

I love being able to provide an attainable luxury. A good hair day makes everyone feel a little like a celebrity. It’s rewarding to see how happy it makes our clients to look and feel their best.

What do you do to keep your staff inspired?

Our staff is made up of creative people, and the work they do provides them with an outlet to hone their craft. Because they excel at what they do, the inspiration comes naturally.

What do you do to keep things fresh and interesting for your clients?

We offer complimentary prosecco with every blowout. And, of course, we are constantly training to stay on top of all the most current trends.

Biggest hair mistake you see clients making…

Hair is very personal, and there really isn’t a big hair mistake that we see across the board. Women tend to have a very love/hate relationship with their hair – the best advice we can offer is that it is very important to embrace what you have naturally. A good stylist is also a trusted advisor who will make sure you are getting regular cuts in the best style for your face shape, not over-treating with harsh chemicals, and getting enough conditioning treatments. 

Most favored social media outlet for your business

We love Instagram because of the visual aspect of it. A lot of our clients are on Facebook and we find it to be a great way to spread the word about promotions and events.

What would you be doing if not in the salon/beauty business?

Something that does not require a pantsuit or sensible shoes.

Inspiration comes from…

Surfers. With their beachy hair, tanned skin and respect for the ocean, they seem to have it all figured out! Seriously, though, like surfers my inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and the determination of sport.

Describe your style…

  • Bohemian chic in the summer
  • Polished casual in the winter
  • My style philosophy is to wear clothes that enhance my best features while also being appropriate for the Connecticut seasonal elements.

Last thing you bought…

A Basta Surf bikini– It’s reversible!

Favorite local stores…

Swim 'n Surf, Fairfield (I do most of my clothing shopping in LA)
The Pantry and Catch a Healthy Habit, Fairfield
Organic Market, Westport

Favorite place for cocktails…

The Conte house. The Conte's are my friends, they live in Westport and it is hands down my favorite place to have cocktails… and a dance party for that matter.

Ideal date night is…

A light bite and cocktails followed by a dance party.

Currently reading…

My Netflix queue

On your iPod…

My iPod is excellent –varied types of music that all make you want to move.

Most favored social media outlet for personal use…

Who has time for personal use?

Blow Dry

3397 Post Road, Southport; 203-292-8543
76 Church Lane, Westport; 203-557-4789


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