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With jeans being a staple item in everyone's closet it's easy to see why B Chic won Best Of The Gold Coast for Best Jeans. In business for eight years, carrying over 25 designers' jeans and 10 different styles ranging from skinny to cigarette leg to boot cut, makes this wonderland of denim the go-to for Fairfield County shoppers.

We wanted to get to know owner Erica Malhotra and find out how she inspires her clients, where she eats, and her guilty pleasures.

What do you love most about owning B Chic?
I love helping women find the perfect jean for their body and love helping them find that “it” item for a special occasion. I have also been fortunate enough to travel the world to find unique pieces that complement the image of the store.

Most popular brands of denim…
AG, DL1961 and Paige Denim

Biggest fit mistake you see clients making…
The biggest fit mistake I see on a regular basis is that customers buy jeans a size too big which is not a good choice because as you wear your denim throughout the day it will start to give and sag a little [making them look even bigger].

What do you do to inspire style for your clients?
To inspire style in our clients our front showcase window displays the trendiest fashions. My “girls” are always put together wearing all the new and latest fashions that we endorse. We have many visuals throughout the store with celebrities wearing all the name brand designer pieces we sell.

B Chic Best Of the Gold Coast
Photograph: Bob Capazzo

Erica Malhotra, Jillian Lucia, Ruby Beyman at Best Of The Gold Coast 2014

What would you be doing if not in the retail business?
I would be a preschool teacher which was my job for six years before I started in retail.

Describe your style…

  • Chic
  • Simple
  • Sophisticated
  • Comfortable

B chicHow many pairs of jeans do you own?
I must own at least 30 pairs of jeans.

Last thing you bought…
The last thing I bought was an awesome necklace with my son’s name on it.

Carry everywhere item…
Lip gloss and flats

Your handbag is…

Favorite local restaurant…
Wilton Pizza

Favorite place for cocktails…
Bartaco but I’m a one drink kind of girl!

Ideal date night is…
My ideal date night is eating at a great seafood restaurant, stopping for ice cream, catching a movie and being home in bed by 12:00!

Guilty pleasure…
Reading trash magazines

TV addiction…
E News, Fashion Police and Bachelorette

Social media…
Instagram and Pinterest

B Chic

78 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton; 203-210-7037


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