Happy Feet


When I walked into Sokushindo, an Oriental Foot Reflexology boutique tucked down a quaint side street in town, I was skeptical and jetlagged. While no stranger to reflexology, a “pressure therapy” that involves massaging certain parts of the feet to relieve tension and treat illness, my past experience had been uncomfortable and tense.

Yet from the moment I entered this foot-pampering haven, my pulse and breathing slowed, and zen begin to set in.  I chose the standard 30-minute Sokushindo service and was ushered into a dimly-lit room with 4 comfy recliners and footstools. My therapist covered me with a towel, and treatment began as I soaked my feet in a tub of warm water and rose petals (yes, real rose petals!). I reclined in my chair for an arm and shoulder massage, followed by a light pumicing of my feet. The only thing that kept me from drifting off was the sight of the mesmerizing red and orange fish swimming gracefully around a luminous fish tank.

Next, my feet were propped up on the stool, and a foot and leg massage ensued. True, some parts of my feet were more tender than others—like the tips of my toes that correspond with the frontal sinuses, where I have chronic issues—but overall, it was heaven. The session ended with a soothing shoulder and neck massage. Afterwards, they gave me a brochure showing a foot diagram and which areas of the body correspond to the different pressure points of your feet.

As I staggered out into daylight again, I worried about being lethargic and foggy. However, I was surprised at how alert and energetic I felt, almost immediately. All it took was one session for me to become obsessed with this best-kept secret in New Canaan. Should you want to become a frequent patron as I intend to, they offer a pre-paid discount package that offers one free session after 5 visits.

Here are the services offered by Sokushindo, based on the amount of time you want to bliss out:

30-minute services
Sokushindo: $30

60-minute services
Sokushindo: $48
Hot stone Sokushindo: $53
Crystal Sokushindo (feet are submerged in a “crystal jelly”): $53
Luxurious Sokushindo (crystal jelly and hot stone): $58

90-minute services
Sokushindo: $75
Hot stone Sokushindo: $80
Crystal Sokushindo: $80
Luxurious Sokushindo: $85


10 E. Maple St., New Canaan; 203-228-5555

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