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Better men than I once said, “It’s all about the Hamiltons, baby!” The NCD+R area offers wonderful casual places where you can get lazy—sit-down spots for lounging or working. Here are some of my faves, where you usually can enjoy something superb for $10 or less.

Rowayton Market

The Chicken Pot Pie is killer (add a black cherry soda, too). Grab a spot outside, when you can, and check out the stunning water view. The wifi is exceptional for such a big place, as well.

157 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton; (203) 852-0011


This is a popular Norwalk nosheria now. I like it as it’s not quite a café, and not quite a pizzeria, but the giant pizza is GIANT. Cappuccino with sfogliatelli; arancini with aranciata. Yum.

250 Westport Avenue, Norwalk; (203) 956-7103

The Post Road Diner

An old-style diner, like Curley’s in Stamford. Booths, jukes, Cokes, coffee and quick-arriving eats. And it’s open all night (rare in these parts). Pace Norwalk’s other spots: The Silver Star and Penny’s…

213 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk; (203) 866-9777

Jake’s Place

Such a solid place—you get a great no-fuss breakfast/lunch in a cozy Darien spot that defies its location. I’d driven past it for years! (Oh, and remember that Hamilton thing…?)

4 Ledge Road, Darien; (203) 655-2305

The Sugar Bowl

No matter the season, Darien’s beloved “luncheonette” is on point. Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap? Check. Burger, hot dog, cheese steak, amid Christmas decorations? Checkmate!

1033 Boston Post Road, Darien; (203) 655-1259

Browne & Co.

I like the seating areas in the front of the shop (and the café counter in back, too!). Whoever thought of that is a (counter)intuitive genius.

865 Boston Post Road, Darien; (203) 656-1920

The Darien Diner

This place is great, although it’s often packed. Burger with fries; egg-white omelet, toast, coffee—can’t go wrong. Décor is fun, too, as you dine surrounded by lunchboxes and vintage Americana.

171 Post Road, Darien; (203) 655-3181

Some of the classic locals you’ll meet at the Darien Diner


A homey NC place, really, with an array of diverse offerings (huevos rancheros and…cupcakes!). Look, the cupcakes alone will keep ya coming back, honestly.

27 Elm Street, New Canaan; (203) 966-8998


I don’t know how to explain it, but Gingerbitz is perfect. The place is so pretty and charming, and I love the owners (and yeah, I’ve written about the gingerbread before…).

155 Elm Street, New Canaan; (203) 801-0281

Bar Sugo

My personal favorite in Norwalk, in terms of sit-down relaxation, particularly come 5 p.m. Small, cast-iron servings of meatballs for $9. Great wifi, $3 drafts, friendly folk. Respect the pig!

102 Wall Street, Norwalk; (203) 956-7134

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