Fairfield Market Report: Part 1

Real estate for $1mm or more

Photographs: CMLS

As of February 9, 2015, 486 single family homes are for sale in Fairfield and Southport. Part 1 of our report features homes currently on the market from the most expensive to the $1,000,000 range. They are sorted high to low and grouped accordingly. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of Fairfield homes for less than $999,999.

Sasco Hill Road is the cream of the crop with 12 homes for sale ranging from $62,000,00 to $1,595,000.

$62,000,000 1143 Sasco Hill Road, days on market: 515.
We’ve talked about this before, any takers?

$9,950,000 945 Sasco Hill Road, days on market: 221

$8,750,000 402 Sasco Hill Road, days on market: 342

$7,000,000 range

Six homes to choose from: two on Harbor Road and one on Sasco Hill Road. If it’s land you’re after, hire a great landscaper and check out these three in Greenfield Hill.

2644 Bronson Road, 29.68 acres, $7,999,000
4900 Congress Street, 28.4 acres, $7,995,000
1170 Hulls Farm Road, 20.97 acres, $7,350,000

$6,000,000 range

Four properties: two on Sasco Hill Road, the one next to South Pine Creek beach (which may be reduced), and this gem on Hillside Road for $6,650,000.

$5,000,000 range

We have four in the $5’s: one on Sasco Hill Road which is a score because it does not require flood insurance, the other three are in Greenfield Hill including this one with 10,541 sq. ft. on Fence Row Drive for $5,995,000.

$4,000,000 range

You’ll find six properties in the $4 million dollar range. Take a look at this one with the spiral staircase leading to a library and this one built in 1790.

$3,000,000 range

Three properties are available at this level: one on Sasco Hill and one on Meeting House Lane plus this little darling on Harbor Road for $3,685,000.

$2,000,000 range

As the price ranges decrease inventory increases. In the $2mm range there are 26 to homes to choose from. The newest one to hit the market is this one on Old Academy providing more room for cars than people (seven car garages and four bedrooms).

$1,000,000 range

If you’re shopping in the $1 million range it’s choice pickings. There are 114 homes on the market, 17 properties were listed in the past two weeks and 29 reduced in price. Another bonus is that they are scattered all around town.

Above the Merritt: $1,445,000

On the beach: $1,500,000

In town: $1,895,000

Southport: $1,599,000

Greenfield Hill: $1,249,000

On the Westport line: $1,995,000

Check back tomorrow to read part 2 and find out what you can get for less than $1,000,000.

The information for this report was gathered from realtor.com, MLS and various local real estate broker websites.
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