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If a new you—or just a refreshed version—is on the agenda for the new year, a visit to a medi-spa may be just what the doctor ordered. And you can expect the doctor to be on the premises, since these clinical hybrids combine the relaxing ambience of a day spa with the aesthetic acumen of expert practitioners.

Here are six buzzed-about procedures locals are trying at the area’s top locations.

Westport Medi-Spa

This chic clinic overlooking a pretty pond has serene written all over it, but the focus is on cosmetic innovations. Dr. Dana Brownell delivers treatments.


It’s a novel take on hair transplantation. Individual hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head and placed at the front of the scalp or on the brow. Success rates are as high as 98 percent. “It’s transformative, particularly for over-plucked and thinning brows” says Dr. Brownell.

HydraFacial MD

For fast and painless skin therapy, try this state-of-the-art procedure that delivers medical-grade exfoliation and saturates skin with antiaging treatments.


Dr. Brownell gets many requests for this intense laser therapy because it doesn’t just refresh the skin, it transforms it. It’s a wonderful way to address hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and it can take years off your skin with very little downtime.

Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa

This spa recently had its own facelift, relocating to a 2,500-square-foot facility at Riverside Commons. Under the supervision of Dr. Mitchell Ross, a board certified dermatologist, the emphasis is on personalized therapies that are safe and effective, says owner Marria Pooya.

Collagenation Therapy

This antiaging treatment involves a specialized device that gently pricks the skin to prep it for a deep infusion of treatments. “It’s safe for all skin types and great for tightening and reducing fine lines and wrinkles,” says Marria.


This ultra-sound-based skin tightening procedure counteracts time and gravity as it gives sagging skin a visible lift after just one treatment. “It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a facelift without having one,” says Marria. Tip: Try it for the décolletage, too.

Versailles Medical Spa

This Darien clinic evokes a welcoming European ambience and offers aesthetic treatments under the supervision of Dr. Denis Bouboulis. “People want non-invasive procedures that really work,” says founder Marie Saade. “Whether it’s dermal fillers or laser treatments, we have many options today that offer results.”


This fat-zapping therapy, which involves no downtime, is perfect for candidates with stubborn trouble spots (think love handles, belly and thighs) that don’t always respond to diet and exercise. The procedure is so, well, chill that some patients even text during treatment. “It’s the most effective fat removal procedure I’ve seen that doesn’t involve surgery,” says Marie. “And the results are impressive.”

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