4 New Sexy Styles Bestowed by the Shoe God

When it comes to shoe lovers, there is no shoe god who is more worshipped than the great Manolo Blahnik. Devotees will find the largest selection of Manolo Blahnik shoes in Fairfield County right on Greenwich Avenue at Richards.

It was fashion goddess, Diana Vreeland, who saw the young Spaniard’s fashion sketches in 1970 and advised him to design footwear. Blahnik’s meticulously crafted sexy women’s shoes, already coveted by chic women the world over, hit the mainstream via the popular show Sex and the City in the late nineties. In more than one episode, Manolos, perhaps a bigger love of Carrie Bradshaw’s than Mr. Big, featured prominently. There was the mugger who demanded Carrie hand over her Manolo strappy sandals and the baby shower where a distraught Carrie is required to remove her $485 precious shoes and leave them in a pile of plebian footwear. The silver open-toed masterpieces go missing—horror!


Manolo Blahnik Minis Black Suede Ankle Strap Slingback, 90mm $765

In the real world, Manolo Blahniks inspire desperate measures among shoe enthusiasts and Carrie Bradshaw made it acceptable to let shoe obsessions out of the closet. “I love that Manolos are always sleek and elegant…and pretty timeless. I still have my first pair, a navy suede strappy number,” says fan Mayling McCromick. “My favorites are a pair of gorgeous lizard pumps and zebra suede flip flops.”


Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Imperial Blue Satin Jewelled Pump, 105mm $965

Bob Mitchell, co-CEO of Mitchells/Richards, recounts his tenacious pursuit of the elusive shoe master: “I had been calling Manolo Blahnik every month for about two years and couldn’t get anyone to take my calls. It was my birthday and I decided to try them again and this time I told the receptionist that it was my birthday. To my surprise, George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, picked up the line and said, ‘Happy birthday! Let’s set up an appointment.’ We met in New York City the following week and that was the beginning of one our most important and cherished business partnerships.”


Manolo Blahnik Palettama Silver Ayers T-Strap Sandal, 90mm $895

Since then, many women have swooned over the array of styles at Richards and enjoyed Manolo Blahnik birthday gifts of their own—either bought by themselves or their fashion-enlightened suitors. From a classic black slingback to a decadent blue satin jeweled pump to the flashy silver Ayers t-strap sandal or the elegantly seductive nude suede cage sandal—there is a pair of Manolo Blahniks for every occasion and mood.


Manolo Blahnik Coddila Nude Suede Cage Sandal, 90mm $1,035

While expensive, the shoes are not frivolous to the ladies who wear them. And Manolo Blahnik is known to inject soul into his business. Two years ago, for example, the London-based designer created two unique shoe styles specifically for Richards, to benefit the Breast Cancer Alliance. Twenty percent of sales of the pink suede pump and pink satin heel—stamped with “Exclusively for the BCA 2013″—went to the charity. Another time Manolo Blanhik visited Richards to sign copies of his book, Manolo’s New Shoes, and the shoes of local Manolo collectors who were eager to come out of the closet and have their favorite works of art signed by their shoe god.


Manolo signs shoes during an appearance at Richards

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