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The kids might be back home for the summer, but sometimes it feels like they’re just as unreachable as when they were at school. Step one to changing that might be to stop referring to them as “the kids”…they’re likely not fans of the label. But we know what you’re thinking—no matter how old they get, they will still always be the “kids.” And even though you recognize that their checked-out state of mind is natural for their age, you’re still determined to spend quality time with them over the summer. We’re here to help with 7 things you and the kids can do together that will keep the eye rolls to a minimum and good times to a maximum.

The Big Assist VII

There is nothing like a sports game to bring the whole family together. Especially this one, benefiting the Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation serving local inhabitants with paralyzing spinal cord injuries. You and your kids can watch pro athletes from the NFL and NHL battle it out in this charity game on July 15th at the Terry Conners Rink, organized by veteran professional hockey player and Darien native Ryan Shannon. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

The Glass House

Nearly all colleges and universities in the U.S. offer some kind of Art History course. See if you are getting your money’s worth by testing your offspring’s college-level intellect on a trip to this famous architectural landmark. There’s a good range of touring options, from a concise one hour focusing just on the Glass House to an three hour in-depth look at the House, Studio and Painting Gallery on the grounds. Both you and the kids will be awed by Philip Johnson’s groundbreaking vision for modern architecture.

Breakfast Out at Rosie

Breakfast time is meant to be spent with the entire family. Channel the good old days of having the whole family under the same roof with a communal breakfast. Upgrade the experience by spending it at Rosie in New Canaan. Everything on Rosie’s breakfast and brunch menus is crafted with care—just the kind of delicious comfort food you’d want to share with the special people in your life. Plus, the Bloody Marys are out of this world.

Shopping day on Elm Street

Ever notice that the one thing your kid is never too busy for is a shopping excursion? It never hurts to have a little extra Cha-Ching in the form of a loving parent. But don’t worry, spend the day hitting up local stores like Suburban Couture, Jack Wills and Togs with a lunch break at Chef Luis (their tasty tacos and sandwiches guarantee success) in New Canaan, and you’re sure to make some memories that transcend the patron-beneficiary relationship.

Post Corner Pizza

Anyone who grew up in the area will fondly recall childhood memories of this classic Darien spot, which celebrated 40 years in Darien in 2012. Let the kids walk down memory lane as they enter this retro restaurant, pausing at the wishing well where they always loved throwing pennies. You won’t need to rely on nostalgia, though, for a good time; the joy of eating a good slice of pizza never fades with time. Grab a lollipop on your way out for old times sake.

Sport Around

A little family competition never hurt anyone. Tennis and golf both require only 2-4 people to play and have built-in rests, allowing for some private conversation and catching up. Plus, they let you to take advantage of the beautiful summer CT weather. With venues across town, they’re also super convenient.

Rock Climbing

Disclaimer: for the more athletically inclined family. Try the “Survivor” Rock Wall at the Darien Y. This high-intensity wall, for ages 15 and up, is a great, challenging experience that will unite you and your kids in your shared efforts to succeed during this test of strength and determination. Don’t forget to snap some pictures of your loved ones once they reach the top…for once there’s no where to run to.

RCA Summer Music Festival

Relax at Bailey Beach or Pinkney Park while you and the kids enjoy bands like Bronze Radio Return and The English Beat playing some fun summer tunes. Don’t be alarmed if you overhear one of your youngsters call a band “dope”….it’s a good thing.


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