Scout’s Honor

THEIR FINE WORK IS ALL AROUND TOWN: IN THE gardens at Town Hall; at the courtyard of Middlesex Middle School; and along the trail system at the Darien Nature Center. The local Boy Scouts have planned and executed hundreds of projects to make Darien a better place. Because they embrace the motto “Do a good turn daily,” the Scouts have done literally thousands of great deeds. Now, as the group celebrates its 100th year, they’re asking for help from the community—namely, attendance at the Century of Scouting Gala at Weeburn Country Club on November 14. The event benefits the Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust, which owns and operates the cabin and West Avenue property that is home to Darien’s Boy Scouts. “A special thing about our group is that we have land and a cabin for the boys’ use. Most troops are chartered by a church, school or VFW,” says Leslie Pennington, president of the trust and mother of two scouts. She believes the high retention rate for Darien Scouts soars above national norms, although there aren’t hard numbers to back that up. No matter. Just look around town to see their many fine accomplishments.


100 Years in existence
160 Members this year
319 Eagle Scouts
43 Giant annual tag sales organized and executed
40 Partner organizations on projects accomplished in and around town



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