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Why wait until spring? Now that the holidays are over, there is no better time to put your storage space in order, especially if it’s cluttered and you can barely squeeze in one more hanger, says Catherine Brennan, vice president of California Closets, Connecticut.

Purging what doesn’t fit, is too old or you haven’t worn in a long time will not only simplify the dreaded what-to-wear question but will make the daily decision easier, faster—a joy, even. An added benefit: Having an organized system will help curb impulse buys, says Brennan.

Brennan, who recommends meeting with a California Closets designer to help replace the chaos with order in closets and other areas of the home, offers a few tips on how to declutter before making that call.


Take all—yes, all—your clothing, accessories and shoes out. This will encourage you to be more selective about what you put back in (plus you can dust the closet while it’s empty).

Separate everything into four piles—one for items to donate, one for sentimental items that can be stored elsewhere, one for whatever should be thrown out, and one for items you want to keep.

Give yourself time to try on clothes to help you decide where they belong.

Once you’ve completed sorting, group the garments that are staying in the closet by category, especially if you have items spread over several closets.

Make space for shoes and accessories. If you have adjustable shelves, the best place to set your shelves is at eye level, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Handbags, ties and jewelry should be placed on designated shelves or specialty racks so you can access each easily.



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