Artistic Influence

Above: Peter Van Heerden

Get ready to become an artist—or, at least, become part of the artistic process. Through the Arts Incubator Program at Fairfield University’s Quick Center, audience members can experience art as it is being created, then discuss it and provide feedback.

“It’s a learning experience for [the audience] to understand how an artist, and the behind-the-scenes process, works,” says Peter Van Heerden, executive director of the Quick Center. The program benefits the artist, too, serving as a testing ground before a piece is launched to a wider audience. Moreover, the program involves the community, providing arts-education programming at local schools and conducting workshops, panel discussions and masterclasses at after-school programs and community organizations for underserved youth.

“[We established] the Incubator Program to nurture the artist, then nurture the patrons, and create an educational opportunity,” says Van Heerden. “It changes the way a person might experience, or engage with, an art form.”

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