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Above: Kanbar and Rose’s personal Elbar Pool House – Janine Lamontagne Photography

Westporters Elliot Kanbar and Barbara Rose wanted a pool house and looked for ways to complete the relatively small project quickly, at a cost that wouldn’t sink their budget. When they explored the available options, they came across the novel idea of using shipping containers in construction. They knew they were on to something. So they called their friend Matt Menozzi, and the trio soon embarked on a new business venture: they formed Elbar Pool Houses.

An Elbar project starts with a new shipping container, totaling 160 square feet, from Shanghai. It’s transformed into a pool house that is a far cry from a plain box. Actually, the finished project has bright white interior and contemporary design, and it’s surprisingly sleek and offers nice perks. Catch some rays on the deck (an upgrade option) or stay cool in the air-conditioning. Large sliding glass doors afford an expansive view. A spa-like bathroom with light blue glass tiles furthers the feeling of an escape from the everyday. And if you have a snack craving, not to worry; a mini kitchen with high-end, energy-efficient appliances eliminates the need to make a run to the main house. Luxe upgrades add to the style. The space could easily double as a home office or artist’s studio.

From order to delivery, the whole project takes only four weeks. And because the structure is built in Elbar’s facilities, homeowners don’t have to deal with construction on the property until installation day. Also, each standard-outfitted pool house has a fixed price, so there are no surprise costs.

Finally, small spaces get their day in the fun, just in time for summer. See more at

Although the current model is 160 square feet, Elbar is planning to expand its offerings. Future models will be available in 320, 640, and 960 square feet and will include multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and flexible living space.



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