Moveable Feast

Fire & Rice launched at the peak of paella’s high season: summer. CHEF GLENN MICHAEL TATANGELO, a Fairfielder, opened the newest location for the catering company that specializes in traditional Spanish paella. The company, founded by Chef Paul Schmidgall, is headquartered in Naples, Florida.

Chef Tatangelo uses traditional cooking techniques and ingredients to transport Fairfielders from coastal Connecticut to the sights, sounds, aromas and tastes of Valencia. He prepares the dish with seafood, meat and rice in an enormous pan over an open flame to the delight of guests.

“We make paella just like Spaniards have been doing for generations,” he notes. “I love the showmanship of producing the paella, and it allows me to be myself.”

Banking on a renewed interest in ethnic cuisine and taste for food adventures, Fire & Rice is available for private parties, corporate events, festivals and more. Details at



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