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While many people farm out the arduous task of home upkeep, a new company is changing the way residents of Fairfield County understand and manage projects. HINGED is a Web-based service that creates a customized profile of your house and functions as a one-stop shop for all maintenance and repair needs. While other home management firms offer a la carte services, “we’re the only ones that have such sophisticated and intuitive technology on a comprehensive scale,” says PAUL MATTUS, VICE PRESIDENT OF PARTNER RELATIONS.


Go to to register. Membership is complimentary at the moment, but you must enter your credit card information to pay future service providers. After you register, a certified home inspector comes to your house to take a baseline measurement of everything that needs maintenance, from irrigation to HVAC systems. The rep photographs all mechanicals and appliances, including serial numbers. That data is used to create a customized home profile, organized into three tiers: critical (the furnace is about to blow); highly recommended (tile needs caulking); and discretionary (clean the grill).

Once your profile is set up, you’re connected with over 100 service professionals across 46 categories. The website features a sleek, easy interface and an interactive dashboard that lists upcoming “events” so you can see what needs immediate attention. You’ll also receive notifications on this dashboard when it’s time to schedule maintenance.

When something breaks, go to the Repair page to view service providers—all are accredited, insured, and vetted by Hinged. Under dishwasher repair, for example, you can read about several providers and compare their house call estimates. Next, go to the calendar and make an appointment. Service providers have all your information prior to arriving, so they come prepared. When service is complete, go online and approve payment to the provider with your stored credit card via Braintree, a division of PayPal.

Other helpful areas on the site include the History page, where services are archived; the Tax category that helps you maximize annual deductions; and the My Neighborhood section, which lets you internally message with other members of Hinged and review service providers.



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