Photograph by Matyas Bloo Laurel
Above: Justin Pasha demonstrates the art of the cocktail.

It’s summer, the season of pools, play and parties. Whether you want to throw an all-out bash or invite a few friends over for an intimate evening, the drinks you serve set the mood. Thankfully, Fairfield-native Justin Pasha has all the ingredients for you to make a lasting impression. Pasha is the master mixologist behind THE CUP BEARER (, a cocktail catering service that aims to elevate the occasion with customized drinks, attention to detail and swanky style. Here, the party professional spills a few secrets on how to host an event that your guests will talk about well into next summer.


When it comes to a great party, Pasha says that “music, alcohol and the right people” are the three most important elements that must work in harmony to create a memorable event. Introverts might not be comfortable in a large party setting, and young, carefree friends won’t be satisfied if a party ends at 9 p.m. Consider what kind of event you’re aiming for, and tailor your guest list to fit.

“Don’t make music an afterthought,” adds Pasha. “Your music should progress through the evening, and you should take your time to create a playlist that fits your guests and the occasion.”

As for drinks, Pasha says, “Tiki is a big trend right now, with lots of rum-based drinks and tropical flavors.” His personal favorite is the “San Francisco,” which is made with muddled pineapple, sugar, aged rum and Campari.


  • Boston Shaker
  • Large ice bucket
  • Luxardo cherries
  • A hand juicer
  • High-quality bitters



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