Because We’re Fancy Like That

When Darien resident and food lover Kyle Rothschild can’t find something he likes, he makes his own. So, it’s no surprise that he started Brown Dog Fancy, a line of organic ketchups and mustards crafted using high-quality ingredients and a whole lot of love.


“Food in my family is a real big deal,” says Rothschild. For him, some of the best things in life are throwing down “man dinners” for his friends or spending quality time in the kitchen with his best friend and wife, Sarah, while the couple’s brown Labrador retrievers, Tug and Charlie, hover underfoot.

Brown Dog Fancy started as a spice rub blend. “When I started smoking meats, I had this spice rub blend that was really good and used mustard to adhere it to the meat,” he says. It was then that he figured he’d try his hand at making an organic version.

“We spend so much time buying responsible and sustainable main ingredients for our recipes then marinate or top them with condiments that are full of sugar, fillers and words I cannot begin to try to pronounce,” says Rothschild. (The whole Brown Dog Fancy lineup is sweetened with organic honey, never sugar).

Kyle’s first batch of mustard was “awful.” It was an attempt at a spicy honey mustard that was more watery and peppery than he expected. “I thought I killed Jeb,” he laughs, referring to a friend who kindly taste tasted.

Since then, he’s perfected the recipes one-by-one, expanding the line to six mustards—Horseradish, Spicy Horseradish, Honey, Spicy Honey, Cayenne Mild, and Cayenne Hot—and two ketchups, Organic Original and All Natural Sriracha.


Take it from experts like restauranteur and television personality Guy Fieri, who said, “Wow, that mustard rocks!” Even Christian Petroni, recurring judge on Food Network’s Chopped and the executive chef and part-owner of Fortina, proclaimed his affinity for the Sriracha ketchup.

If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, you can find the line of Brown Dog Fancy condiments online at or at Fleishers Craft Butchery in Old Greenwich, Westport and the Upper East Side, as well as Palmer’s Market in Darien.



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