Tone It Down

It Pays to Be Precise
“Our focus is on safety and doing everything in correct form,” says Bridget McBride, co-owner, with Caitlin Giambalvo, of The Bar Method. “Our instructors are taught to evaluate the needs of those in the room and look out for, and prioritize, correcting improper form.” After finding success with their Fairfield studio, the business partners eyed Westport for its second location. At both places, instructors go through six months of training before they can teach, and they learn to use both verbal and hands-on correction to ensure participants are tucking and lifting the right way. For example, when you’re in a plank, raise your hips a little higher than where you think they should be, so you don’t sink to the floor and strain your lower back. They also provide custom modification and will send a video to your physical therapy team for further modifications. 25 Sylvan Rd. S.,;

Pick Up the Pace

Elite Health Services offers a running assessment with gait analysis. They use video and physical tools to measure fifteen characteristics that impact your performance.

“During the ninety-minute appointment, we use a physical therapist, a running coach, and multiple screenings to measure your active and passive range of motion,” says Steve Kurczewski, managing partner. “We see three views of available motion and motor control, and we work toward getting your posture and alignment toward the norm.”

Runners aren’t the only ones who need to be mindful of technique. “No matter the activity, if you push your body past the range of motion, you can easily strain a muscle,” he notes. That’s why Elite Health Services recently launched a specialized yoga workshop, during which participants are educated about the nuances of each pose. Each class focuses on one pose to build upon participants’ practice. 162 Kings Hwy. N.;



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