Move Over Candy Pink

Photographs by Jane Beleis
Above: WHAT’S IN A NAME? To personalize this bathroom, the wall cover is the child’s a favorite color and repeats her name.

Childhood gets a fun, bright boost of energy in this bathroom. Not only does the wall treatment feature a youthful shade of purple, it also repeats the lucky girl’s name. Tori Legge—owner of Stirling Mills Interior Design (, the design firm that did the work—is originally from Northern California. Naturally, a certain West Coast–ease found its way into the final look.

A self-professed minimalist, Tori keeps her designs light and calm with a neutral palette and then layers in colors with accessories, such as pillows. But, of course, there are exceptions. No matter the location of her latest project, she brings out what matters to her clients. So, for this room, Tori shed her go-to colors and dipped into the hues of the younger generation. If you’re not ready to go bold with a wall color, take a tip from Tori: Stick with neutral colors on walls and large furniture pieces, and introduce color quickly and easily with the extras.



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