Universal Appeal

Otherworldly style radiates from Ethereal, AKDO’s marble and metal collection of mosaics. The contemporary, geometric patterns are created using thin pieces of inlaid metal, and the result is reminiscent of brightly shining constellations. Ethereal brings that same light into spaces while maintaining a customizable design aspect thanks to a variety of striking shapes ranging from intricate stars to sleek triangles. akdo.com

The Nova pattern features a series of intertwined hexagons with a very graphic look. The interconnectivity of the shapes presents an unending pattern that has a mesmerizing effect when used in spaces.

In the Luna pattern, a quartet of diamonds creates a geometric shape that resembles the North Star. It also features a larger-scale octagon, which offers a refreshingly modern feel.

The Stella pattern showcases three interlocking hexagons, all of which link together to form an eye-catching, transitional star shape. Use it to create scintillating feature walls in a variety of commercial and residential applications.

The Ethereal collection includes a range of triangle tiles that can be used alone or in playful combinations. There are three patterned triangles—Prism, Flicker and Gleam—and one solid triangle, the Ethereal Triangle. The variety of motifs allows for an endless array of patterns, and their versatility makes them ideal for creating memorable hospitality and residential spaces.



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