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If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, or are building one from the ground up as part of a new home, you’ve probably made a wish list of must-haves, and are looking for good ideas to incorporate in the new space. After checking with local professionals, we’re sharing a few fresh details that may find their way into your plans.

White cabinets are the perennial favorite in these parts, but color contrast is becoming popular. “We are seeing, and specifying, cabinets in white and an island fabricated in a color, or white on top cabinets and color or wood finish at the base of the cabinets,” says Marsha Fried, a designer with Deane, Inc. in Stamford and New Canaan. Her clients are also showing a preference for cabinets with flat-panel doors and drawers. Says Fried, “Many people are moving toward pared-down, modern lines.”

If you decide to take the ever-popular route and choose a white palette, make it shine, says Michelle Morgan Harrison of Morgan Harrison Home in New Canaan. She recently completed a kitchen with two butler’s pantries, with cabinets rendered in a high-gloss, cream-colored finish from Fine Paints of Europe that looks like lacquer. It provides an elegant, polished look. Harrison also says the butler’s pantry—an idea that came of age in Victorian times—is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. She notes that the pantry can also serve as a swing space, connecting the kitchen with the dining room or living room, functioning as a launch pad for cocktails and finger foods.

When it comes to kitchen hardware, both Fried and Harrison agree that brass is finding favor in many new kitchens after the dominance of nickel for nearly a decade.For countertops, quartzite and quartz have moved to the top of the favorites list. “They are beautiful and durable, and virtually maintenance-free,” says Fried. She notes that more clients are choosing stone slabs matched to the countertops to form the backsplash.

Manufacturers continue to innovate for the home cook, and there’s been increased interest in new products such as steam ovens and refrigerator towers. The towers are all-refrigerator or all-freezer units that extend from the floor to ceiling and come in widths between 18 and 36 inches, depending on the homeowner’s requirements. These new appliances add a few more options to what is a growing list of custom possibilities for the modern kitchen.



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