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Over the next two years, Arteriors, a provider of lighting, furniture and accessories to residential and commercial customers, will expand its guest collaboration program to include three new design partners. Among the new collaborators is past A-List judge Celerie Kemble along with Frank Ponterio and Ray Booth.

The new collaborations will follow the brand’s legacy of product development partnerships with designers that began in 2010 with designer Laura Kirar and has continued with current collaborations with Barry Dixon, Jay Jeffers and Windsor Smith, another past A-List judge. “When we created our guest collaboration program, we were inspired by the creative energy of the interior design community and sought to work with the people we admired, to bring their creativity and product ideas to our broader customer base,” says Mark Moussa, founder and creative director of Arteriors.

Each of these collaborations is the result of a two-and-a-half-year development process. This includes multiple rounds of review of inspiration drawings, samples, materials and prototypes between Arteriors and each guest designer until a fully realized collection is ready for market. An assortment of lighting and accessories developed with Kemble (some of her pieces are shown at right) debuted at High Point Market last month, and in the future, the guest collaborations at right will also be unveiled at High Point Market.


October 2018
The third collection with Windsor Smith of Windsor Smith Home

April 2019
A collection developed with Frank Ponterio of Frank Ponterio Interior Design

October 2019
A collection of lighting, accessories and accent items designed by Ray Booth, partner at McAlpine

Some picks from Celerie Kemble for Arteriors:

1 Calliope chandelier

2 Nomad centerpiece

3 Addison tall accent table



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