5 easy ways to spring clean your eating

Spring is here, and everything feels brighter, lighter and more colorful. Which has us thinking about spring cleaning—not our homes, but what we’re eating. “As trees start to bud and flowers start to bloom, the arrival of spring brings a long-awaited sense of energy and renewal,” says Emily Watson, marketing director and health coach for Green & Tonic, a fresh-food eatery and juice bar with locations in Fairfield County. “Waking from winter hibernation, we’re craving movement, light, and the vibrant colors of seasonal produce, and a soft landing into the natural rhythms of springtime.”

So while you’re probably an expert at tossing out the old in your home, we asked her for tips for revamping our eating habits. Here are 5 of Green & Tonic’s favorite tips for a successful—and delicious—spring clean.

veggie bowl photo by Emily Watson

Eat with the season. “Nature has a way of giving us exactly what we need for each season, and we’re all about embracing the earth’s cues to optimal health. While winter is full of grounding root veggies that nourish us during a restful season, spring brings naturally detoxifying vegetables like asparagus, peas, and parsley to lighten us for the active seasons ahead.”

pea soup photo by Emily Watson

Green is good. “Green is the unofficial color of spring, and for good reason. Chlorophyll-rich, alkaline greens like spinach, kale, baby lettuce rebalance the body’s pH and set your liver up for detoxifying success. In addition to crisp leafy salads, we reach for a cold-pressed, antioxidant-rich green juice when we’re on the go. Our Green Monster and Jungle Juice are especially popular this time of year.”

Dress up your water. “Sipping water is an essential step in the cleansing process as it helps the kidneys flush toxins and residue from your system. On chilly spring mornings, sip warm lemon water with mint.  A G&T Sunrise, our blend of hibiscus & green teas with splash of homemade lemonade, is a light afternoon pick-me-up.”

veggie wrap photo by Emily Watson

Go for the crunch. “We’re all about embracing crisp, fiber-rich veggies that arrive with spring. Fiber not only helps keep us full longer, it helps us eliminate anything weighing us down. We sneak as much detoxifying crunch—like carrots, jicama, cabbage and asparagus—into our line-up of collard green wraps. Try a Spicy Avocado or Rainbow Wrap.”

Get moving – outside! “Use spring as the transition period to ease back into daily walks, afternoons at the playground, and evening bike rides. A little fun outside can work wonders for shedding the winter blues and jumpstarting the metabolism all day.”

Green & Tonic also offers curated meal plans, including the Spring Reset program, which features vitamin-rich juice and seasonal food. See more at GreenandTonic.com or follow along on Instagram at @greenandtonic.


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