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Above: A Boss Babe tray and a Bad Girls Throughout History book make great gifts for young decorators.

Building on the success of her boutique Kirby & Co., Elaine Kirby recently opened KIRBY GIRL in Darien. The new store offers décor, gifts and clothing for girls and young women, ages ten to twenty-five.

From middle schoolers dressing up their lockers to college grads decorating their first apartments, Kirby found that these young women have a keen, developed sense of design and are interested in adorning themselves in a sophisticated and fun way. No longer just relegated to the realm of pink, many are opting for palettes in gray, green and turquoise.

Kirby says her Kirby & Co. customers have been telling her for years that their daughters want a place of their own. “I saw a need to fill a void for that age group,” she says. “Girls today are decorating-savvy.” Social media influences play a large role, but they also pay close attention to what the women in their families are doing. “People really decorate and design their homes in this town,” Kirby says, but girls need a place geared more toward their tastes and budget.

With its splashy yellow-and-white striped façade, the store has become an eye-catching backdrop for selfies and Instagram stories. And since it’s around the corner from the main shop, younger kids can safely make their way to Kirby Girl while their moms are shopping nearby.

Inside, young shoppers will find indoor/outdoor pillows and throw rugs, so spills aren’t the end of the world, and merchandise is displayed by age and theme—items such as neon shelf signs and mirrors are displayed at a higher level to appeal to older girls. “The store is purposely laid out so as you become taller, you grow with the merchandise,” Kirby explains.

A huge gumball machine is the focal point of the space, and the store recently introduced its own candy line called Kirby Kandy. Items sourced specifically for Kirby Girl include handmade wooden pennants and jewelry, and personalization and embroidery are available on many items. 14 Brook Street, Darien; 203-309-5901

Fun finds at Kirby Girl include a ceramic boots umbrella stand, cactus-shaped pillows and floral wall art; pillows come in a variety of patterns and styles.
Photographs by Julia Dags.

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