Art of Editing

Photograph: Alyssa Rosenheck
Above: Clean and organized spaces, like shelving and bathrooms, bring clarity and function to the home.

With an established list of clients in Fairfield County, the owner of Raquel Garcia Design has become an expert in the art of “editing” a space. As a result, Garcia recently launched Art of Display, a new home-organizing service. “Every area of our home needs a clean sweep and some special organization that will make our lives so much easier,” she says. “This means we can be even more creative and confident, whether we’re spending time in the kitchen, getting dressed, enjoying our family or entertaining friends.”

This new service was a natural complement to Garcia’s design work. Her goal is to provide a sense of beauty and function in everyday spaces. While she tends to focus on the main areas on display in the home, like the kitchen and living spaces, storage areas are essential in her decluttering and organizing process. “Cabinets and other storage areas, like the garage and mudroom, are important to clean because while you may not use the things in them every day, when you do need them, you’ll be able to find them more easily.”

When it comes to closets, Garcia goes through clothes, shoes and accessories piece by piece, helping her clients decide what has value and what should be given away. “By simplifying our closets, we create space for pieces and a style that we truly love and feel good in.”

While she gives her clients a lot of tips throughout the process, Garcia’s strongest piece of advice is to edit constantly. “I try to understand the psychology of each client. I appreciate the emotional bond they have to certain items, but I also want them to understand what makes them hold on to things that can lead to clutter. Sometimes we need to clear the clutter to discover what we really love.” Raquel Garcia Design,

Fairfield; 203-521-4189;

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