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Customizing natural skin-care at Nefaire

Above: Inside the lobby at Nefaire

At the beginning of the new year, TLC-seekers can try a relaxing facial made with all-natural ingredients or ease tension with an acupressure massage at Nefaire, a wellness center that recently opened in Westport. You’ll find what you need, because founder Michael Chang blends beauty and science in his brand of customized skincare and treatments.

He founded the center after dealing with chronic acne for most of his adult life. He was tired of spending money on “cure all” products that failed to actually help his condition. He began researching holistic alternatives to typical acne medications and eventually found that nature is kinder to skin.

“I finally cleared my skin after taking my skincare into my own hands,” Chang says. “That’s why we take such a personalized, data-driven and multifaceted approach at Nefaire.”

Specialized blends mixed in-house

The studio relies on raw ingredients—such as bentonite clay, manuka honey and pink Himalayan sea salt—to create skin masks and serums tailored to each client’s needs. The session begins with a skin quiz, which includes such questions as: How does your skin typically feel in the middle of the day without any moisturizer? What is your primary skin concern? “Our expert estheticians then use this profile to custom mix a face mask on site using raw, food-grade ingredients that retain their full nutrient value, while utilizing powerful curated products in a personalized facial,” he explains.
Each batch is whipped up fresh to address your specific skin concerns. Then, in the treatment room, you can choose from an express thirty-five-minute facial up to a where-did-the-time-go seventy-five-minute treatment.

Nefaire also sells organic moisturizers, cleansers and toners, which are cruelty-free and void of GMOs, parabens and chemicals. It also offers seasonal specials, such as a chocolate mask for Valentine’s Day (sweet gift, hint, hint). 141 Post Rd. E.; nefaire.com

All photographs by Miro Vrlik.

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