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All it takes is a change in Mother Nature’s mood for a sudden monsoon to crash your beautiful backyard barbecue. With a summer full of events around the corner, you just can’t hope that the weather will cooperate—not when a reputable tent and event rental company can pitch in to ensure that your bash will go off without a hitch. Over the past 25 years, New York Tent has teamed up with reputable businesses, colleges and universities, prominent festival producers and world-renowned event planners to provide world-class rental and event planning services for events of all sizes. Now that their Norwalk office is open, we chatted with CEO David Tannenbaum on how their event and tent services can make your big day a lot less tense.

What are the services you offer your clients?

We offer the highest quality and extensive inventory of rental tents and temporary structures, as well as customization options which can meet the needs of any event, space or client. In addition to tenting, we offer multiple flooring options, staging, lighting, furniture, HVAC, power, décor and more. Exceeding a million square feet of tenting, we can fulfill needs in a variety of styles, including festival tents, pole tents, frame tents and structure. We also offer unique inventory, such as curved roof Arcum structures and Timbertrac, as well as distinctive vinyl colors that include blue, black, green, pink and red among others. If our client wants a completely custom event, we provide a completely custom event.

Is there a philosophy that drives your business?

Our philosophy is to offer exceptional products and exemplary service to our clients while standing with them at all stages of their event. We are not just your tent vendor, but rather your partner. We view the entire event as a whole and not just that portion for which we provide. We offer guidance throughout the planning process, as much or as little that our clients desire. No matter the type of event, its success is our mission, from concept to completion.

What should clients be aware of as they decide which tenting to rent for their events?

The truth is, anyone can purchase a tent, a table, a chair, a light, just about anything and claim it’s “new” and kept in good condition. However, most forget one key thing: It’s how you install those products, keep to timelines, implement “finish-work” and use your experience to help elevate the event which matters the most. It is this simple truth which separates New York Tent from everyone else.

Events often involve lots of stress for the clients. Is there anything you do to help them manage stress on the day of their event?

This goes back to our philosophy, we will do everything in our power to help our client with the event as a whole. We are their event partner, so when it comes to design, logistics, permits, timing, and more—we have a complete understanding of the full scope of work and can assist accordingly. If we take a few things off their plate to help create such a situation, we will ultimately have a happy client. We also get the “easy things” right. We show up on time, we do what we say we’re going to do and when issues do arise, we handle them swiftly and professionally. In the end, of course we deliver a quality product.

New York Tent

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