Phil Socci Jr. and Griffin Parsons

Above: The grooms with Griffin’s aunt Sue Ellen Black, and Griffin’s parents Anne Parsons and Webster Craig Parsons

Phil and Griffin’s love has always taken center stage. At a Betty Who concert in the New York City, Griffin turned to Phil and asked him: “Do you trust me?” Phil, of course, said, “yes,” after which Griffin led him to the stage. With the pop star in on the plan, Griffin proposed to Phil during the last song, which was received with thunderous applause from the audience. Phil was so overjoyed and in shock that at dinner following the concert, he forgot his credit card (but got it back by the end of their romantic night.)

Phil and Griffin’s marriage was officiated by their friend Marianne Erena at bartaco in Westport. Guests enjoyed tacos, a warmly lit balcony and heartfelt vows exchanged between the couple.

Griffin is the son of Webster Craig Parsons of Highlands, North Carolina, and Anne Parsons of Orlando, Florida. He attended Kent State University and received his bachelor of fine arts degree in musical theater. Phil is the son of Phil and Josephine Socci of Stamford and West Palm Beach, Florida. He earned a bachelor of science degree in sociology from Northeastern University, and went on to receive his master’s in social work from Boston College. He is a licensed therapist in Norwalk. The couple resides in Stamford.

Photographs: Ashley Douglass Events and Zekas Photography

Phil Socci Jr. and Griffin Parsons
Matching styles
Subtle touches on one groom’s suit
Front: Kristen and Brad Hakes and Betty and Steve Wilson surrounded by other guests
Bartaco dinner fare.
Interior setup.
Let’s boogie!
Wedding favors
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