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On a mission to redefine what work means, two local entrepreneurs have combined dreams—and forces—to create a collaborative workspace for women. The shared vision of Lindsay Hurty and Abby Knott has manifested into Everwell, which opened in October in Darien.

The Everwell cofounders chose the name because “the words inspire, fuel and propel us forward.” Everwell, a combination of “evergreen” and “watering wells,” symbolizes the way evergreens grow stronger as their roots spread, while watering wells are a “traditional gathering spot for communities.”

Described as a “membership-based workspace and social community with curated programming designed to support and inspire women,” Everwell appeals to a broad range of members by design.

“Being referred to as a ‘working mom’ or ‘full-time’ mom is such limiting language. Our goal is shifting culture in how people value what we’re all about,” says Hurty. “Here at Everwell, we support women in their work—whatever that looks like—because we honor and value all of it.”

Hurty, a Darien native, is a former English teacher and founder of The Trellis Workshops & Retreats—an education and workshop platform. Knott, who has a fashion merchandising background, cofounded a consumer research and analytics company after settling in Darien. As both were busy mothers managing businesses, they bonded over their dream: opening a place for women to collaborate, work, socialize and connect in meaningful ways.

“We are about connecting women through their work and social lives,” Knott said. “It’s a place for wellness. Wellness for the soul.”

True to their mission, Hurty and Knott have signed on new members ranging from family CEOs and charity volunteers to freelancers, career professionals and entrepreneurs launching businesses. It’s their hope that by offering the space for these members to thrive professionally and socially, Everwell will naturally become a place for connection
and community.

Located at 19 Old Kings Highway South, Everwell is in walking distance from the Darien train station, restaurants and retail destinations. Designed by local architect Katherine Eberly Spellane to feel more like a home or café than an office, the workplace offers over 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space combined. Come spring, there will be a highly anticipated rooftop patio for members to soak up some sun as they work.

The modern, well-designed office features community workstations, bistro high-top tables, privacy lounge chairs, a comfortable living room, communal kitchen, social areas and a variety of conference and meeting rooms. In true Everwell fashion, the inclusive space offers pumping privacy for new mothers. One of the most unique features is a grouping of soundproof phone booths, so members can dial into conference calls and have private conversations without disturbing others.

Locals have taken to Everwell and the coworking concept in general. The other women-centric co-working space in Darien, HAYVN, has been thriving. When asked what differentiates Everwell from HAYVN—which opened spring 2019—Everwell’s marketing consultant Julie Flakstad says the two businesses are supportive of each other, and they serve a different clientele.

“There’s no doubt there’s room for both of us,” says Flakstad. “HAYVN targets more full-time working professionals who require dedicated office space, while Everwell is geared toward a broader audience and more than just career professionals.”

Everwell offers five tiers of memberships, ranging from $99 per month for a programming-only option to $550 per month for a short-term unlimited package. As business grows, Hurty and Knott are considering branching out to additional suburbs.

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